So, continuing with the card games theme (as started in my last post quite a while ago), today’s game is Sevens.  This was a game we used to play a lot as a family, in fact I think it was my mum’s favourite game.  As a child I used to find it boring – it didnt involve anythinbg exciting like knocking on the table (Oh Hell! will be a future game described), and you didnt get to call someone names (like Donkey or Dog) when they lost – it was a serious card game.

Now I’m older it is actually one of my favourites, but I dont get to play it too often as you need at least 3 players, and I usually just play cards with my boyfriend on holiday.  I like the strategy of it, and just the general ability to screw people over (bit of a competitive edge there!) – it helps that I’m quite good at it!

Anyway, here are the rules, along with a few variations.


  • Needs at least 3 players (with 2 it doesn’t really work as you know that any cards you don’t have your opposition has instead)
  • The full deck of cards is dealt out between the players. Players can look at their cards and sort them as they want.
  • The player with the 7 of diamond goes first.
  • The aim of the game is to be the first person to run out of cards.
  • At the end of the game the cards will laid out in the centre with the 7 in the middle in a line and then in suits, on one side a pile of cards going from 6 to ace, and on the other side a pile going from 8 to King.

Sevens set-up


  • The player with 7 of diamonds goes first. They place the card in the centre. Play continues in a clockwise direction
  • The next player can then either play another 7 or the 6 or 8 of diamonds.
  • Play continues round with each player taking a turn. The 6 or 8 of a suit can only be played once the 7 has been laid out, and these are built on in order (i.e. the 4 of spades can’t be played until the 5 of spades has been laid out, and the King of clubs can’t be played until the queen of clubs has been laid out.
  • If a player doesn’t hold a card that goes they knock and play moves to the next player.
  • If a player can play they must.
  • This continues round until one of the players runs out of cards and is declared the winner.


  • The game can be played for money, with each player putting in a stake to play and then putting in further money each time they knock. The winner then takes the pot at the end.
  • The game can be played with a randomly selected number in the middle (rather than the 7). The cards are then built in the same way, but with the numbers one above and one below being the starting point for the building, e.g.

Sevens alternative