Another area I think I need to improve in, especially for my work, is being a bit more on top of new technologies.  I genuinely find the new things I find out to be really cool, but I’m just rubbish (lazy) at getting round to seeking them out or looking them up.

A couple of weeks ago I got to try Google Glass, completely by chance, and was almost star struck by it – it had only been on the market in the UK for a week at the time and so it did feel pretty special.  If you’re interested in my view, I think it could well be the future, maybe not for social reason – I don’t think it will replace the smartphone or the tablet or anything like that, but I think there will be a number of applications for it in industries.  However, it needs to massively improve – it feels very temperamental at the moment and battery life is a bit rubbish.  The voice controls also don’t work that well (the guy showing it to us seemed to be able to control it better than the person wearing it).  I have visions of being stood a train station with Google Glass on and the person next to me trying to use theirs to looks something up but my Glasses reacting to their voice and showing me what they had requested!  Could lead to some awkward scenarios I’m sure!

I have finally gotten round to looking up the new technology for speed reading, in the format of Spritz (http://www.spritzinc.com/#) – I heard about this months ago, and then got reminded of it last week and have just finally gotten round to looking it up and having a go.  If you’re interested I got to about 500 words a minute.  It was a lot easier than I imagined but a little it stressful.  I don’t know what happens if you need to go back because for whatever reason you missed something.  Maybe I’m a cynic (actually I’m certain that I am) but I don’t really see it catching on, except for on things like wearables such as the Samsung Gear watch thing, but it is one of those things that unless it is adopted quite widely, people just wont be able to get used to it and it wont catch on.  That doesn’t mean it isn’t really cool though, and I like that they are challenging the norm with it.

Anyway, that’s just my view, but I’m not exactly what you would call a visionary so I will probably be proved completely wrong!


Getting started…. eventually

I created a WordPress account about 4 weeks ago.  I then havent done anything with it until today, except think about all the things I could write, if only I could get round to it.  It’s not that I’m particularly busy – in fact work for me at the moment is especially quiet – I just don’t seem to get round to all these things I think about doing.

This sums me up perfectly.  I have loads of things that I think about doing, but when it gets round to it, it just doesn’t seem to happen.

I have become more and  more aware of this over the years.  The company I work for is full of people who always seem to be doing something worthwhile in their spare time, triathlons, swimming the channel, learning another language, and somehow they always seem to be working harder and longer hours than me.  I struggle to keep up to date with The Great British Bakeoff (new series starts tonight!) – how do these people find the time?!

Eventually it got to the point where I felt I needed to admit something to myself (and the world):

“Hi, my name is B— and I’m a lazy person.”

This seems to be a taboo to admit – I imagine people admitting to a drink or drugs problem before they admit to being lazy.  Or maybe they’re just to lazy to think about it enough.

Anyway, enough is enough.  I’m doing something about it.  I am going to improve myself.  And this blog is a starting point.  Or at least it was meant to be.  And then I didn’t quite get round to starting it.  But I did start running (Couch to 5k), and so I guess that was my starting point.

My plan, if I ever get round to posting ever again, is to use this blog to document my progress towards an improved version of myself.  To set expectations about what posts will be about, the ways I want to improve are:

  • Exercise more (in particular be able to run 5k)
  • Become a better and more informed feminist (please don’t run for the hills – I’m not one of the scary feminists!)
  • Brush my teeth more (yes – I’m one of those gross people who only brushes their teeth once a day – now you see why I didn’t put my name earlier!)
  • Get promoted at work
  • Have a better sex life (I’m often just feeling too lazy….)
  • Help my boyfriend lose weight (I realise this is someone else’s self-improvement, but its something I need to do)
  • Be more tidy and clean more
  • Take more pride in my appearance
  • Generally become a more interesting person
  • Read more

Reading the list above, I have quite a funny imagine of how I think you will all now see me – a scruffy, fat woman with bad teeth, living in a pigsty with my fat boyfriend, yawning because we have nothing interesting to talk about, but I don’t think I am really as bad as I have portrayed!

Now for a plea for help – please comment or like or do something so I know you have read this – unless I know people are reading it is very unlikely this blog will continue – like all lazy people (I assume, I’m too lazy to actually look it up….) the best way to get me to do something is through positive results!

I will stop there – I have thought of other things I could include, but if I put them all in my first post it will take effort to think of something else to post next time, and I’m too lazy for all that!