Does this annoy anyone else?

Sky Sports

I spotted this advert at the station the other day and it really annoyed me.  I actually tweeted Sky Sports about it because it annoyed me that much.  It wasnt just the fact that it is already football season (I swear the Premiership only finished about a month ago!), but it was more about the image this advert is portraying – I don’t think it could look less diverse if it tried!

I’m not saying they shjould put a black man or a woman or any other “diverse” person just for the sake of it, but really what is this saying about football and who you have to be to watch football? Maybe I think about these things too much, but I’m sure this must be sending out some submiminal messages to people.  From Sky’s perspective, surely this will limit their viewership in some way?  It just seems bonkers.

Anyway, thought I’d share my views.