So, as expected, keeping a blog is hard work.  When do people find the time to write it?!  I know when I should do it, when I’m procrastinating at work and achieving nothing (there’s a good 4 hours every day), but if I’m struggling to find the motivation to work I’m unlikely to find the motivation to write.  Although, at least this blog is about my favourite topic – me!

Anyway, stuff has happened since my last blog.  And other stuff hasn’t happened.  To give a run down:

  • I havent been for a run.  This is bad.  I’m working away for the rest of the week and I’ve brought my running kit in the hope that my hotel has a treadmill.  I would say its odds on that I’m essentially taking my trainers on little holiday for no reason.
  • I’ve had an above average amount of sex (for me anyway).  This is good.  Very very good.
  • I have been much better with my teeth and they seem to be getting whiter (they weren’t that bad in the first place – it’s my gums that are bad!)
  • Work has gotten busy again, which I should be pleased about, but I’m still finding motivation hard to come by.
  • I have felt guilty about not telling my boyfriend I’ve started a blog – I’ve never kept a secret from him before.  I don’t feel I can tell him following my first blog post where I said that helping him lose weight is an aim – he would be heart-broken.  Can you edit these posts once written?!
  • I’ve thought of a million and one other things that I want to improve since I made that list, and told myself for being too lazy to really think it through before I wrote it down.  For example, ahead of getting my boyfriend to lose weight, I want to lose some myself!
  • I found a hair on my leg that had been growing under the skin.  when I found it and freed it, it turned out it was about half an inch in length!  I nearly gagged!
  • I’ve been using moisturiser with self tan in to help build on the tiny amount on tan I got on holiday.  Its going better so far, with only my ankles looking a bit orange and patchy!
  • I have been annoyed at myself that I’m clearly not as funny as I thought I was – for some reason my blog posts aren’t coming out with the humourous twang I had hoped!

So that’s about it for now.  My next blog will most likely be a list of all the other improvements I want to make!  Does everyone give themselves such a hard time or is it just me?!